Major portions of the top management & engineering positions in all regions around the globe, diverse industries and functions, will become vacant and many will remain unfilled. That was revealed by many studies over the last years. Those studies were partly conducted in much harder economic times and therefore the indicated problems are much more prevalent now than they were before. In fact at that time it was estimated that over the next ten years 21% of top management and 24% of all management jobs will remain vacant [2], [3]. Statistics from one of the world’s largest labor companies, ManpowerGroup, show that already 30% - 46% of employers worldwide are struggling to find the required workforce [4], [5]. Of these engineers and management/executives rank fourth and fifth respectively in the rankings of the positions most difficult to fill. There are many factors contributing to this trend. One of the most significant is that in the majority of developed countries the population is aging. That means less people are able to work and a shrinking workforce. As the more experienced engineers retire and young engineers do not mature fast enough, a lack of experience prevails. Therefore new approaches to fill these gaps are required.

Companies, especially in the high-tech field, must attract, engage with and retain talent [2]. Keeping people engaged with the company mission and nurturing them to their full potential is the key. This is paramount to any organization’s survival. In the future, the tactic will need to be developing senior managers or engineers through the ranks of the company until they are ready for such a position, rather than recruiting them directly. We at camLine GmbH, find it almost impossible to recruit engineers with the correct skill set, so we generally recruit promising individuals and then train them in-house. To implement this strategy it is crucial to retain knowledge inside the company. That necessitates having structures and mechanisms in place that foster the “survival” and sharing of mission critical knowledge pieces.

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