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Cornerstone preserves all links between data with their sources. Consistently, the same holds for all graphs and analyses objects based on these data. This allows a direct update of the whole Workmap in case of changing data or even switching to different data sources of the same structure. This concept will handle even huge data sets. Your results are always up-to-date with no additional programming or scripting required.



Cornerstone gives you the flexibility to view your data in multiple ways and at different presentation levels. With interactive graphical tools you quickly identify dependencies and correlations in your data and verify your findings with formal statistical methods such as significance tests and confidence intervals. You create meaningful reports inside Cornerstone. Alternatively, you can share your results with other software via the clipboard or common file formats.



Profit from Cornerstone's efficiency second to none! With its smart set of generic tools, you will have available statistical methods and graph types that satisfy the vast majority of engineers’ and scientists’ needs. You can generate graphical outputs directly in presentation quality. The included manuals are truly designed as textbooks which show exactly how to get most out of Cornerstone. This ensures maximum user efficiency and minimum training time.


Focus on DoE

Cornerstone has an extra focus on designed experiments (DoE). The DoE implementation of Cornerstone is straight. It largely dispenses with difficult to understand phrases of statistics. So to speak this "reengineering" of statistics allows a much tighter approach with a streamlined user interface. Aspects of experimental design that are irrelevant to engineering are omitted in favor of a more user-friendly guidance.

Cornerstone 7 now available

Cornerstone 7.1.1

camLine introduces the new Cornerstone version 7.1.1 into the market



Highlights of the Release:

  • Multi-Category-Chart: a novel visualization for large amounts of categorical data with full integration into the existing visualizations with brushing and flexible configuration of the display for simplified identification of critical variables and their relationships.
  • Integration with Apache Spark and Apache Cassandra for big-data analysis: Work with Apache Cassandra to quickly gather experience in analyzing very large amounts of data and understand the pros and cons of NoSQL databases. Two different paths can be taken. On the one hand, the Cassandra database can be accessed  directly from Cornerstone and, on the other hand, via the tool stack shown on the right. Read the research report with more details here.
Big Data integration with Apache Spark and Apache Cassandra
  • Extensions for use in Six Sigma projects such as the multivariable charts

  • Advanced graphics features with extended color palettes, true color capability, alpha blending and anti-aliasing

    • Redesign of Classic color palette
    • 4 new built-in color palettes
    • User-defined color palette
    • Color palette customization
    • Graph objects with arbitrary full color
    • Curve with transparency
    • Curve with separate brush transparency
    • Curve lines with optional anti-aliasing effect

  • Enhanced R Integration
    With the Cornerstone release 7.1.1 the integration with R has been increased significantly. The new integration enables to bind user defined R packages into the normal Cornerstone menu. Additionally, the previously provided R functions have been bundled into an open source R package called "CornerstoneR". This package is publically available on GitLab and is supported and maintained by camLine. It offers additional analysis methods such as Random Forest and integrates directly into the Cornerstone menu.

    Furthermore, a new Cornerstone Workmap element has been added with the release 7.1.1 allowing to reuse trained R models in further R sessions. This way, it is possible to do the resource intensive training only once, import the calibrated model and use it for future analysis / predictions.


Software upgrade to 7.1.1 or further questions about the new version?

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The Cornerstone Workmap is the visual interface to your analysis process. Explore and manipulate your data directly in the Workmap. Access graphs and datasets with only one click.

Workmaps make your analysis processes reusable – As you analyze data with Cornerstone, the workmap automatically records each step of your analysis process in the appropriate order. A workmap contains all the individual analyses steps, data and derived data, subsets, presentation styles, tables, graphs, analyses objects, and reports.

The workmap window shows all the individual components in the form of icons linked by arrows. The arrows visualize the data flow and the dependencies of datasets, analyses, graphs, and the final reports. Workmaps and their components can be processed further. In general, they are reusable, i. e. generically applicable. No  scripting language is necessary in Cornerstone since this is an intrinsic function of the workmap. Different Cornerstone files can be merged into a single workmap.

Workmaps visualize your analyses workflow by connected live elements. Cornerstone’s graphs are often the starting point for analysis and discovery. Cornerstone integrates data access, visualization,
analysis, and presentation in one package.



Redesigned Regression Window

Nearly all functions in the menus are now directly available via icons with tooltips. The menus themselves now follow an order that reflects good analysis practice.  The buttons are also iconized but will show the old names as tooltips. A sweetspot plot supports optimization and overview of robustness in case of many responses.


Probability Plot

Graph Tools

The central interactive graph tools of Cornerstone (Brush Mode. Labeling Model, Zoom) are easier to access and can be turned off by the escape key. Properties of any graph element are now in direct reach with the properties window. Many often used menu entries are now iconized.



Window Menu

You can show objects in a cascaded way…



… or in a tiled view

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