InFrame Synapse Equipment Conector


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Benefit of Time

"I was asked to provide an equipment interface within a project timeline that is 'common for the industry'. …my software solution provider is not 100% sure this timeline is feasible."

At least 50% shorter timeline than comparable solutions

"With camLine’s Equipment Connector there is no programming involved. Complex program code and even the interface documentation are being automatically generated. Creating a data interface becomes a matter of hours - not days!"

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Plug & Play

"I was asked to provide an equipment interface fully adhering to all my customers standards and specifications. …such highly complex interface is not really within my core competency."

Plug & Play – no software project risks

"camLine's Equipment Connector enables OEMs to interface their equipment via plug & play concept with their customers manufacturing domain. The best thing about it: the plug & play configuration is that easy that it can even be done in Microsoft Excel."

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Persona Budget

Benefit of Budget

"I was asked to implement an equipment interface for very little to almost no additional cost. …my solution provider quoted for me a lot of money to do it."

Costs up to 75% less than comparable solutions

"The first Equipment Connector you buy from camLine comes with a starter package that also includes 2 days of training and 3 days of telephone support. For every further Equipment Connector you simply procure a license key from camLine."

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Architecture of the Equipment Connector

functional scheme

InFrame Synapse Equipment Connector

Easy to use, even for your own protocol


The InFrame Synapse Equipment Connector allows an OEM to add a data interface to nearly any equipment PLC, with minimal effort! Well known examples of such data interfaces are SEMI SECS/GEM, SEMI PV02 or CONTINENTAL GHP. Either way no detailed knowledge on the underlying protocol or its architecture is required for the PLC programmer. The configuration and documentation is easily done with a single Excel spreadsheet: PLC function blocks, configuration, and documentation are created by simply clicking on a button.


Highly flexible


Many protocols and standards allow for highly flexible collection of information from manufacturing equipment. All the communication details for such standards (i.e. SEMI SECS/GEM) are entirely handled by the InFrame Synapse Equipment Connector. The PLC just needs to expose relevant information (status, events, alarms, and services) to the InFrame Synapse Equipment Connector.

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