LineWorks mDICE

Interactive analyses and sustainability reports

The move towards greater simplicity – Interactive analyses and sustainability reports without affecting operations: Storing and archiving operational data in an OLTP database has several disadadvantages. In particular, reporting is slow, labour-intensive and can adversely affect production performance. And because these databases are not really designed to hold a very large amount of data, storage capacity can also quickly become an issue. Using a Manufacturing Data Warehouse in conjunction with your MES solution addresses all of these issues. You will get the power to enrich your existing manufacturing IT with a unique high-performance Manufacturing Data Warehouse.



  • Create manufacturing standards for traceability, performance, and quality reporting
  • Integrate data of your manufacturing IT
  • Profit from high-performance reporting
  • Trend & compare of your KPIs
  • Group KPIs by products, processes, locations
  • Ability to process multiple years’ worth of data, providing maximum long-term return on your investment and supporting sustainability compliance fulfillment


  • Uncouple your OLTP-System from reporting loads
  • Rapid reporting capability with no impact on production performance
  • Enhanced traceability archiving through time-based partitions
  • Designed to hold over ten Terabytes of data
  • Lower capital costs through use of commodity servers
  • No additional storage required due to stable size of MES database

LineWorks mDICE Screenshots

Process history of a single unit (final material)
Defect Analysis as KPI-Report
KIP Report on Bin Classes

Do you wish to …?

  • …react quickly to claims?
  • …analyze root causes fast?
  • …assess the extent of an issue?
  • …limit the impact purposeful?
  • …narrow down consequential damages?

Rely on LineWorks mDICE

Highlights of Release 3.1:

  • High-performance reporting with drill-down features to analyze root causes
  • Discover long-term trends with KPIs to ensure sustainability of your measures
  • Consolidate current data with existing manufacturing data from legacy systems
  • Standardize your reporting structure
  • Use mDICE Clipboard together with Search Panel to link consecutive queries

and more…

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