LineWorks WIP

Production execution

LineWorks WIP is your tool to guarantee, actively control, and fully document precise job (orders) and material flow execution throughout the enterprise manufacturing process. It delivers a wide range of perspectives for different audiences (managers, engineers, operators). In addition to stationary views on single processes, LineWorks WIP offers the documenting transportation view on flowing material. LineWorks WIP supports multiple levels of aggregation, from total orders (bird's-eye view) right down to individual process information.


  • High flexibility in designing your workflow
  • Interactive control of manufacturing processes and material flows
  • Complete documentation of all material movements
  • Ensuring compliance requirements
  • Handling of identifiable and unidentifiable units
  • Maximum ROI through compact solution
  • Maximum efficiency through automated tracking of workflows
  • Requirement for continuous process improvement (Kaizen)
  • Elimination of waste, e.g. downtime (Lean)
  • Connection to Production Planning (PPS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Highlights of Release 5:

  • Smart routing

    • Offline step support
    • Extended batch processing
    • Conditional routing

  • Compact WEB UI
  • Data Warehouse (mDICE)

    • KPI Reporting
    • Evidence of sustainability

  • ID-Number Generator (SerGen)

    • Scheme templates

  • Master Process Monitor (MPM)

    • Autonomation (Jidoka)

  • Time Packets

    • Flow monitoring via inventory changes in real-time

  • International Language Support

LineWorks WIP capabilities

  • Secure job execution incl. interlocking
  • Lot, serial number, and carrier tracking vs. plan

    • Split & Merge, Batch process support, conditional routing
    • Process cloud, Fly back support, Rework loops, Offline steps

  • Loss and failure categories
  • Complete documentation of all material movements (tracing)
  • Quantities on orders, operations, unit levels
  • BoM definitions, assembled parts
  • OLTP (online transaction processing) monitoring of throughput, yield, failures, and material consumption
  • Extendable reports
  • Graphical interactive product designer
  • WebUI which combines the admin tasks
  • Data exchange with external ERP system
  • ...

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