LineWorks SPACE

LineWorks SPACE (core)

Flagship LineWorks SPACE (Statistical Process Analysis & Control Environment) is a powerful infrastructure solution for advanced SPC that gives you complete control over production quality across all your manufacturing sites. Relied upon by a wide range of global manufacturers, it has become the de facto standard in the semiconductor industry for integrated statistical process control. It interacts with multiple data sources and processes many thousands of online and offline charts, simultaneously. And it ensures you can track all your data by managing it within a centralized database, according to the ISO 9001 standard.

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LineWorks SQM

LineWorks SQM (Supplier Quality Management)

This add-on module for LineWorks SPACE helps you collaborate with your subcontractors and suppliers at production sites all over the world to implement, verify, and continuously improve quality standards for the entire value stream. This enables you to reduce efforts for incoming quality control (IQC) or skipped inspection for your trusted suppliers. Well before the goods are dispatched, the suppliers send their outgoing goods specific quality data to your facility. The quality data will automatically be checked by SQM.

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LineWorks CQM

LineWorks CQM (Customer Quality Management)

LineWorks CQM add-on for LineWorks SPACE enables manufacturers to generate electronic Certificate of Analyses (eCOA) before goods are dispatched to customers. LineWorks CQM comes with design tools that allow to tailor eCOA content to each customer’s requirements with ease. All eCOAs from LineWorks CQM are automatically generated and validated online by customer’s systems before delivery of materials takes place. With LineWorks CQM, manufacturer can significantly reduce manpower in generating/preparing eCOAs  for every manufactured good and further assure their customers the consistency of consigned goods with respect to eCOA content.

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LineWorks CDM (Container Distribution Management for Gases and Chemicals)


LineWorks CDM is designed to monitor, track, and trace online the complete supply chain with respect to all your suppliers' products being used internally in the fabs. For your facilities, the quality data of all consumed materials—such as gases, liquids, or raw materials—are seamlessly gathered, from stock to distribution cabinets. They are made available for reporting and extensive data analyzes with subsequent escalation procedures. It extends the online SPC power of LineWorks SPACE in connection with LineWorks SQM to gases and other chemicals. LineWorks CDM supports you in getting better control over the delivered quality from your process engineering suppliers. You achieve better product quality and increase your end customers' satisfaction.


LineWorks SPACE eCAP (electronic OCAP)

This add-on module for LineWorks SPACE provides an electronic Corrective Actions Plan (eCAP) and an automated workflow management to ensure compliance with quality, process, and your individual business regulations.

Process experts use a graphical designer to specify corrective action workflows that are triggered by measured data and enforce real-time decisions and precise actions of the operators or process engineers, respectively. All executed work steps are recorded to guarantee full audit trail.

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LineWorks SDC

LineWorks SDC (Statistical Defect Control)

LineWorks SDC closes the gap between statistical process control and analyses of spatial signatures. With SDC multiple SPC strategies are available to control critical defect classes with normalized defect density (NDD) charts. Trend and pareto analyses, control limit calculations, tool matching, corrective actions and advanced SPC methods such as moving median are leveraged to take measures against killer defects. The integrated platform synchronizes an embedded wafer map with the selected sample in the SPC chart. Operators and engineers of wafer makers, hard disc manufacturers, and chip makers can re-use their SPACE expertise and need less time for for recurring defect and root cause analyses.

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LineWorks SPISE++

LineWorks SPISE++ (compliant data collection)

LineWorks SPISE++ is a Web-based user interface for LineWorks SPACE that allows you to manually or semi-manually capture data for entry into LineWorks SPACE (SPC).

SPISE++ enables SPC administrators to create suitable operator interfaces that allow validation and/or restriction of the input value; neither programming work or extra IT support is required. In lieu thereof, all user interfaces are solely generated by configuration and are adaptable to fit into the organization.

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LineWorks STARGATE (validate SPC activities)

To guarantee serious SPC, statistics should be examined on a regular basis. LineWorks STARGATE provides an overview of performance indexes for production processes to assess the quality of SPC activities.

To maximize the value of SPC, statistics should be examined on a regular basis in order to identify quality shortfalls and take the appropriate corrective action. LineWorks STARGATE provides a clear overview of performance indexes for production processes, enabling you to quickly and easily assess rating and performance of your SPC activities.

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