As a discrete manufacturer in the mechatronics industry, you need detailed information and you have to ensure complete documentation relating to the production of safety-critical parts. With MES Mechatronics, your manufacturing is documented. You can track and trace your manufacturing process, immediately. You actively control your production. The system is easy to be integrated into your existing infrastructure – with close connections to local shop floor automation.

MES Mechatronics is a solution that…

  • covers your requirements starting from simple tracing up to complex tracking with interlocking options,
  • is suitable not only for discrete manufacturing (batch, lot, or serial numbers) but also supports hybrid forms,
  • provides the flexibility necessary to integrate manually, semi-automated, and fully automated processes to a continuous flow,
  • enables monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) necessary to optimize your production, i.e. throughput, inventory, utilization, or rentability,
  • helps you control your quality online and increase efficiency & performance,
  • guarantees documented traceability,
  • integrates easily & effectively with your existing infrastructure,
  • offers you numerous operator clients for shop floor integration, and
  • helps to consistently organize distributed production sites.